Contessa Adrianna Violetta Karm d'Paloma

She nourishes the poison in her veins and is consumed by a secret fire…

Adrianna is the daughter Marcello, Duke of the Principality of Paloma and Alejandra of Karm, and half-sister to Princess Rose of Amber. She is snarky and spoiled, or alternatively charming and pleasant, depending on who is asked.

While she is of House Karm, she has no formal oath as result of an agreement between the former Duke Vosah and Duke Marcello of Paloma to avoid certain political complications. She has, however, been called the Phoenix on more than one occasion and even by Vosah himself. Very few seem to be privy to the knowledge of what, exactly, Adrianna is capable of that gained her such a name. But she's known to have spent excessive time in the Reliquary, to have trained under Vosah and Gilgamesh both, and to have a very well-locked suite in the Karm Manse.

She keeps two reptiles in her rooms, Savio and Abraxas, whom she loves dearly. More recently, she has been seen in the company of a small wolf, whom she calls Mariella. She is seen with increasing frequency in the presence of His Honored Majesty, Eric of Amber.

Adri seems to have a passion for tattoos, as evidenced by the full back piece she often bares proudly. Rumor has it that for the right people and the right price, she is a skin artist herself, and that her talents go beyond just ink on skin.

Roleplay Hooks
Gates, Seals, Montevalno, politics, upper class society, snark, flames, Rose, Paloma, art, tattoos.

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