Emma's presence in Karm is largely known to be the fault of Gilgamesh. The two spend more time together than not, it seems, either at Karm or elsewhere. She and Gil are engaged, though the pair occasionally threaten to elope.

Emma's roles are many. A Feldane, Emma's prowess with a blade is widely known, the redhead living up to her House's reputation for producing duelists. Additionally, she makes little effort to hide her skill as a necromancer and her devotion to the Feldane duty. She is Royal Necromancer to King Julian's Court, and she's known to be a part of the Moon Court, the circle that surrounds Princess Deirdre. Emma is Brigadier of the North Fleet of the Royal Marines, having also served in the Royal Navy.

Finally, Emma also holds strong ties to Weirmonken, serving as adviser to the Regent, to which the wolfhead signet she wears attests.

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