When they found Old Jorge hanging in the Jungle, he was still alive, but barely. He had been tortured, burned and deep cuts all over the body, some stitched up to allow them more time to torture him. Half his bones were broken, and they had poked out his left eye. Jorge may not be of the blood, but he’s a tough old coot, and he had to be to survive what he did. Those bastards probably expected him to die there, his corpse a warning to us. They’ll learn that House Karm is not so easily intimidated.

I fully intended to have Jorge deliver this letter to you in person, but he’s as stubborn as you could want in a Houseman. Said the Jungle was as much his home as theirs, and he’s not going to be scared off. I don’t mind saying, I’m glad of it. Not only is he our best alchemist and most knowledgeable jungle expert, he’s a masterful chef well loved by the entire camp. Loosing him would have been a blow to morale. Instead he’s a symbol of our strength. Micah created a perfect sphere of white marble to fit the empty eye socket, which Jorge wears with pride. Jorge has vowed to help us fight off these savages, using the training he learned during his time spent with the Rangers.


It is with a heavy heart I send Old Jorge back to the House. For the last 20 years, he has been a symbol of our Strength against the Jungle, but it seems that our enemies have been craftier than we thought.

I was hosting a dinner with a local fisher Chief, one of our few allies in the area. The meal was outstanding as usual, and I had brought Jorge out to receive the praises directly. Needless to say we were stunned when our guests went crazy. Some cowered in the corner while the Chief himself leaped over the table in an attempt to kill Jorge. Luckily my guards had the forethought to restrain our guest rather than kill him outright, and we were able to get some answers out of him.

It turns out that Jorge was the victim of the ‘Rite of Blood’, a ritual that binds his very vitae to the blood of the Cibolan Emperors, if the Chief’s tale is to be believed. This blood can infuse stone, and if such a stone is used as an eye, the Emperor or his Shamans can look through the eye. While I discounted the tale at first, Jorge admitted he had been able to see through the eye, though he said he thought it was an enchantment placed on it by us. I must conclude that there is some truth to the tale, and that it is a risk for Jorge to stay in Cibola.

I do not believe Jorge is an enemy of the house. His service has been exemplary and he has led numerous raids through the jungle to punish our enemies. His skills with the Cook pot alone are enough to recommend him, and his Alchemical knowledge remains among the best of the Holding. With the protections we can place upon him, I believe he can continue to serve us for some time.

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