Pascal Solaris, only son of Lord Luitger Solaris and Lady Sophia Karm, and nephew to Beatrice Solaris. Pascal worked for several years in the Amber Navy as a scout, then as a scholar, specializing in archaeology and anthropology. Now tends to spend more time working as a librarian for House Chantris, or generally assisting his family, and has a few ties in Lyonesse.

Roleplay Hooks
Chantris and Solaris: Pascal is a member of House Solaris, a cadet house of House Chantris that is more focused on martial and diplomatic aspects, as well as the traditional Chantris interests. He takes a great interest in the Chantris library, and is adroit at finding things in there, if need be. He is always up to meet relatives in this house.
Karm: Pascal is not as closely tied to his Karm hertiage as he is to his father's house, Solaris, but knows enough of the House. Meeting with relatives on this side of the family is always good, and building closer ties with his mother's family is as well.
Golden Circle: The vast majority of Pascal's experience in Shadow comes from the Golden Circle, where he first sailed with the navy, and then later on his own as an archaeologist, and cousins on both sides of his family have given him ties to Lyonesse.

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