Keretama ("Tama") is the daughter of Felix Karm, and through him, granddaughter of Gilgamesh Karm.

Tama was raised on the island of O'ele by her mother Iohukalani and her step-father, Pa'iku. She did not know Kereteki (as she calls Felix), though she had certainly heard of him all the years she was growing up.

Finally - and alone - she struck out from Sukho in an outrigger canoe, in search of the elusive place called Amber, where Kereteki might be found. What she found instead was Minos and (though she did not know it), a Gate which had also been found by Frederick. She lurked on the island for several days, observing but not approaching. Then a ship showed up full of Karms ,in search of Frederick. They picked her up, and she was brought to Amber.

Now her training has begun. She has chosen to be Karm, and been trained in the secrets of Gates. She has carved for herself a Seal, using a chunk of walrus tusk, the better to hit Gates with to open them or hammer them shut. If this is not exactly what Wyatt had in mind, at least it works!

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